Summer Words

Throughout my first summer at PAFA, I collected quotes from teachers, fellow students, visiting artists and anywhere else. I have them displayed on my studio wall but I also want to share them here.

*Please note that many of these “quotes” were hastily written down while chatting or sitting in discussion. Some are paraphrased.

“…on the success obtained by the work of art in relation to what is really at stake: to make seen what makes one see, and not what is visible.” ~Cezanne (The Sublime & Avant-Guarde by Leotard)

“Something wonderful happens when you reinvent yourself. You get to see what changes and what stays the same.” ~Lynn Palewicz

“I don’t know what I’m interested in, except everything I suppose.” ~ Ilene Spiewak

“Become a student of your work in progress. Look for what the material is telling you about your material.”  ~Lucy Corin, Material (The Writer’s Notebook)

“How can you be an artist and not reflect the times?” ~ Nina Simone

“I see only from one point, but in my existence I am looked at from all sides.” ~ Jaques Lacan, The Eye & the Gaze


“Art doesn’t progress in a straight line, one work doesn’t eclipse another, we all get to swim in the same pool.” ~ Ann Harris

“Finding your voice is a joyous torture.” ~John Myers

“Listen with subtle ears.” ~Nietzsche

“Art does not imitate nature, it creates a world apart.”

“I sometimes wonder, is what I’m making the art or is it the index of the art?” ~Graham Preston

“It’s fundamental task that of bearing pictorial or otherwise expressive witness to the inexpressible.”


“Their attempts to gain legitimacy take the form of reproducing its conventions.” ~Matthea Harvey, The Mercurial Worlds of the Mind (The Writer’s Notebook)

“What do I know now?” ~ Shelley Spector

“How do you make your work more vulnerable?” ~Tye

“I want to make so many things right now that I don’t know what to do with my hands.” ~ Claudia

“Questioning is the piety of thought.” ~Heidegger

“…but the fear isn’t useful right?” ~Jennifer Packer

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