Kelly Reemtsen

Walking into Kelly Reemtsen’s show felt like walking into a glamorous boutique… only to realize, it sells nothing in your size. Buoyant images of charmingly attired female bodies cropped at the torso hang on the De Buck Gallery’s spartan white walls. Each woman is elevated. They climb ladders and stand on office chairs wielding industrial tools with the ease of fashion accessories. Other paintings are … Continue reading Kelly Reemtsen

Check out to read more about my most recent group show and see pictures from the opening and installation. Many of the PAFA MFA student artists from this show have come together to start an art blog where we plan to write about our shared experience, exciting new artists and anything else we think of! Artists include, Leslie Belloso, Barbara Diaz-Tapia, Claudia Eckel, Graham … Continue reading

Man, Memory, Machine

Last week I went to the Perelman Building across the street from the main Philadelphia Museum of Art building. The Perelman building houses the Museum’s Library and several other small exhibit spaces. I came across many interesting works during my visit but for the purpose of this post, I would like to focus in on three pieces. As I mentioned in my previous post, I … Continue reading Man, Memory, Machine

Syzygy: JoAnn Gonzalez-Hickey Collection

For my first post I thought I would share some images from my group trip to New York with PAFA. I traveled with my MFA class to visit Syzygy also known as the JoAnn Gonzalez-Hickey Collection of works on paper. They are currently showing the ten-year retrospective show. Syzygy is a private collection of works on paper compiled by JoAnn based on 10 defining guidelines. … Continue reading Syzygy: JoAnn Gonzalez-Hickey Collection